How Safe Is Ultrasound?

A recent study by Yale University showed that ultrasound tests on pregnant mice can displace fetal brain tissue. Many media reports are quick to jump on the scarewagon saying that ultrasounds may be harmful to your baby - let’s look at the truth:

First, this was one study done on mice. Mice are smaller and different than people - so the results don’t necesarily mean that the same effect would be found in people. This study simply points out that more research needs to be done.

According to WebMD a study of thousands of human babies found no developmental differences whatsoever from babies who had mutiple ultrasounds, even after several years.

In making the best decisions for your family it is important to weigh all the risks. Most doctors agree that an ultrasound is a serious medical test and should not be undertaken for entertainment purposes. The trend of opening ultrasound boutiques so that parents can get prenatal photos is discouraged by the FDA and doctors.

Most doctors also agree that the benefits of discovering potential problems, and accuratly dating the pregnancy far outweigh any risks of Ultrasound. Ultrasound has been around and used safely for over 20 years now.

Early ultrasounds can detect if a preganacy is ectopic and dangerous to the mother. Detection of fetal abnormailties or multiple births can give parents an opportunity to seek proper medical care.

Ultimately, all screening tests are up to you. It’s important to weigh any new studies against the other evidence available - and don’t read too much into how the media sensationalizes some studies.

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