Pregnancy Calendars

There is so much to learn about yourself and your developing baby! Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in your life. But you already knew that!

Pregnancy Calendars can be a fine addition to your personal pregnancy journey. Certainly you want to know when to start looking for a doctor or a midwife. A calendar would tell you to do that by the 13th week. Day 14 is 28 days into your pregnancy and will mark the approximate date of conception. On Day 26 You may be feeling symptoms of pregnancy now such as nausea, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Did you know that on Day 76 ( 10 wks 6 days) you might start wearing some maternity clothes? At Day 151 (21 wks 4 days) your baby will start going to sleep and awakening on a regular schedule.

Here are a few hand-selected pregnancy calendar websites. , , has a nice free pregnancy calendar for you. Using their pregnancy calendar you can chart your baby’s growth and development, see your nutritional requirements based on a custom evaluation, access recipes packed with nutritional value and learn about exercises to keep you in shape! , , fields a good pregnancy calendar. This one is very easy as it only asks you to fill in your due date. You are then transported to a page that reveals your pregnancy, day-by-day, with short observances for each day. This pregnancy calendar concentrates on the development of your baby as do most others. , , divides the pregnancy into four quarters. These groups are called Getting Pregnant, The First Trimester, The Second and Third Trimesters and “Birth & Postpartum.” There is an active community with approximately 50 bulletin boards available to you.

Chinese Calendars

Legend says that a Chinese lunar chart can predict your baby’s gender. The calculation is based on your own age and the month you conceived. If you are curious about this, Web, , has an interesting presentation of a Chinese calendar.

Share with your husband or significant other

You may not think your guy is interested in such things as pregnancy calendars, but give him a try. You might be surprised at his reaction when he sees how his baby will grow within you. You can print out some of the web pregnancy calendars, so try that and hang it where he can see it every day.

The refrigerator door may be just the right spot he might see every day.

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